Yellow Koalas Room

Our 2 to 3 years room is all about providing an environment rich in language and the promotion of self-help skills and relationship skills. Our Yellow Koalas are full of confidence and enthusiasm for learning!

Our qualified, dedicated Educators and Early Childhood Teacher provide play based learning programs supporting children’s knowledge and interests. During this stage programming includes lots of intentional teaching, indoor and outdoor play and lots of fun.

In our Yellow Koala room, families are asked to provide nappies (everyone’s skin is so different and not all nappies are suitable for your child). We take the same approach with bedding – not all washing detergents are suitable for every skin type. If your child is toilet training our Educators will support your family during this time and ask that you provide lots of spare underwear. Our aim is to have all Yellow Koalas toilet trained before moving to the preschool end of our service. Your child will need labelled spare clothes, a water bottle, a sun safe hat and any comfort items such as dummies, blankets and soft toys.

We take an holistic view to school readiness across our service. This continues in the Yellow Koala room where children begin recognising and taking responsibility for their possessions.

We welcome all families into our community and would love for you to join in the fun of music, dance, yoga, literacy, numeracy, science, drama, sustainability, social development and emotional intelligence which occurs on a daily basis in our 2 – 3 years room.